About me

About Me

About Me

I am Catherine Wüthrich. I married in 1984 and we have two grown up children and one grandchild.

When I was training as a nurse (1980-1983), as well as caring for the sick, my heart was also for the broken suffering ones, bumped on life’s road. In 1989 I joined the team at the shelter in Saint-Loup as a Christian Counsellor.



I did not study theology. But I have a fire in me that drives me to share my passion: God (Trinity) and The Gospel, which means “Good News”. God loves us and wants every man and woman to discover a personal relationship with Him.


My heart is for the wounded of life and to see them rise up and enter into life in all its fullness. The Greek term is sozo: it encompasses all that God has provided for on The Cross. This includes not only the salvation of the soul, but healing and deliverance. The fruit of this inner restoration is the freedom to enter into their call in exercising the gifts they have received.

I have at heart for the Church so that it may heal (sozo) and become a safe place for the broken and the needy so that they may recover and heal through kindness and love. In short, I desire the Kingdom of God to spread on earth.

I teach internationally, especially on the topic of abuse and inner healing, mainly with Youth with a Mission.

I have a call to serve the Church in its diversity, into the nations.

Here is a passage from the Bible that sums up part of my life story:

“You have turned my tears into a dance of joy.

and you took off my mourning clothes and put me in a festive outfit,

so that with all my heart and without tiring, I may sing to you.

Eternal, my God, I will praise you forever.

 Psalm 30: 12-13 (BdS)

Here are part of my journey as a counsellor:

 I did the ESARPAC training, European School of (sexual) Abuse Related Pastoral Counselling, from which I graduated in 1997. I worked privately before joining the counselling centre “Le Large” in my city, of which I am co-founder (2000).

I participated in the setting up of FERACPA school in 2001 in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. It is the counterpart of Esarpac for French-speaking people. I am the director of the school.

I have continued to develop myself by broadening my range of skills: In 2016 I received my license from IPSICC, International Psychotherapeutic School in Christian Culture, which focuses on various forms of abuse, and specifically on survivors of sexual abuse.

 I completed Levels I and II of the School of Ministry, Catch the Fire, Toronto (2016 and 2017).

The following year I refreshed my knowledge by taking a course on “Sexual Abuse and Maltreatment: Understanding and Acting” by G&MbPsy.

 I strengthened my Toronto courses by attending the School of Prophecy and Power (Oron, Vaud, Switzerland) in 2018-2019, followed by the School of Healing, of the IAHM (International association of healing Ministries). (Oron, Switzerland. 2019-2020).


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